(224) 970-1153

Current Spam/Fraud Potential: Unsafe

Is (224) 970-1153 a Safe Caller?

Phone Details

  • Phone Number: 2249701153
  • Area Code: 224
  • Country: United States
  • State: Illinois (IL)
  • City: Hanover Park
  • County: Cook
  • Owner's Full Name: View Owner's Full Name
  • Phone Type: Landline
  • Carrier/Company: Bandwidth.com Clec, Llc - Il
  • Rate Center: Bartlett
  • E.164 Format: +12249701153
  • National: (224) 970-1153
  • International: +1 224-970-1153
  • Dialed in the U.S.: 1 (224) 970-1153

User Reports

  • 224-970-1153 is a Unknown

    Reported by Anonymous from Massachusetts, United States,

  • 224-970-1153 is a Spam

    Reported by Anonymous from Twinsburg, Ohio, United States,

  • 224-970-1153 is a Bank Scam

    Reported by Anonymous from Thousand Oaks, California, United States,

  • 224-970-1153 is a Scam

    Reported by Anonymous from Manchester, Manchester, United Kingdom,

  • 224-970-1153 is a Telemarketer

    Reported by Anonymous from Rochelle Park, New Jersey, United States,

  • 224-970-1153 is a Spam

    Reported by Anonymous from Espoo, Uusimaa, Finland,

  • 224-970-1153 is a Unknown

    Reported by Anonymous from Espoo, Uusimaa, Finland,

  • 224-970-1153 is a Spam

    Reported by Anonymous from United States,

  • 224-970-1153 is a Spam

    Reported by Anonymous from Layton, Utah, United States,

User Comments

  • Created by Anonymous from Cochrane, Wisconsin, United States, Reply Abusive Post?
    This number called on my work phone, which my name is not tied to. When I answered, a guy with a heavy accent asked if it was me and stated my full name. I said yes, and then they hung up.
  • Created by Anonymous from Kew, Victoria, Australia, Reply Abusive Post?
    Woman asks you to confirm your name and position in the compnay and then hangs up.
  • Created by Anonymous from Rochelle Park, New Jersey, United States, Reply Abusive Post?
    Woman with accent plus background noise (boiler-room operation) wanted a specific employee who is overseas. She repeatedly asked for the best way to reach him, so I finally sent her to Purchasing.

Owner Information

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