(734) 331-8930

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Is (734) 331-8930 a Safe Caller?

Phone Details

  • Phone Number: 7343318930
  • Area Code: 734
  • Telephone Prefix: 331
  • Line Number: 8930
  • Country: United States
  • State: Michigan (MI)
  • City: Wayne
  • County: Wayne
  • Owner's Full Name: View Owner's Full Name
  • Phone Type: Landline
  • Carrier/Company: Comcast Phone Of Michigan, Llc - Mi
  • Rate Center: Wayne
  • Local: 734-331
  • E.164 Format: +17343318930
  • National: (734) 331-8930
  • International: +1 734-331-8930
  • Dialed in the U.S.: 1 (734) 331-8930

User Reports

  • 734-331-8930 is a Unknown

    Reported by Anonymous from Murrells Inlet, South Carolina, United States,

  • 734-331-8930 is a Scam

    Reported by Anonymous from Murrells Inlet, South Carolina, United States,

  • 734-331-8930 is a Hotel Related

    Reported by Anonymous from Grand Prairie, Texas, United States,

  • 734-331-8930 is a Scam

    Reported by Anonymous from Plano, Texas, United States,

  • 734-331-8930 is a Scam

    Reported by Anonymous from Charlotte, North Carolina, United States,

  • 734-331-8930 is a Not Spam / Safe

    Reported by Anonymous from Hilliard, Ohio, United States,

  • 734-331-8930 is a Hotel Related

    Reported by Anonymous from Hilliard, Ohio, United States,

  • 734-331-8930 is a Hotel Related

    Reported by Anonymous from Tampa, Florida, United States,

  • 734-331-8930 is a Hotel Related

    Reported by Anonymous from Cocoa, Florida, United States,

  • 734-331-8930 is a Scam

    Reported by Anonymous from Madison, Wisconsin, United States,

  • 734-331-8930 is a Credit Card Scam

    Reported by Anonymous from Hinesville, Georgia, United States,

User Comments

  • Created by Anonymous from Tampa, Florida, United States, Reply Abusive Post?
    I just got the same BS from this guy... Made sure I spelled everything correctly. The same sob story of UPS international Tracking number : x01 06 13 24 11. (Delivering: 10 security camera, 2 monitors: 33 inches, 3 credit card readers, 10 smoke detectors, 10 box face masks, 10 box hand sanitizers) His Name: Anesh Patel Cell: 734-331-8930. Driver: Anthony Gonzalez Tracking # 4477. Inspection from OSHA on Nov 8th at 11:30am. Know the GM name and details of the property. Asked how long I work here. If I was alone, REFUSED to allow me to place them on hold. Said 2 checks were done. 1. for $2382.59 from Well Fargo, and the other paid $5118.50. I was suppose to take pictures of the items and send it to his cell phone to confirm delivery and prove no damaged items. I said I left my phone at home I could not do that. Wanted to know more and more information on a "safe" if I have the emergency keys to access the GM's office and the safe at the FD... Very curious of how much information he could get. Very demanding. and NO CUSTOMER SERVICE.. That should tell everyone he was full of bull. So I played along.... Seeing how much he knew and tried to see what he wanted... the call eventually cut off... . As If I was to give my real name.. not me.. nope. not me.
  • Created by Anonymous from Hilliard, Ohio, United States, Reply Abusive Post?
    Got a call at work from thus number said his name was Amesh Patel. Sounded really distorted the first time he called. Same story with the ups tracking number and everything. Kept calling me sweetie like every other word.
  • Created by Sally, KS from Colorado, United States, Reply Abusive Post?
    I received a phone call from this number at 3:50 am at my place of employment, a hotel. He said his name was Sony Patel and that he was the owner. Which isn't the owner's name. He asked how long had I worked here since I didn't know the owners name, when I said 6 years he said that I misunderstood, he was calling to speak to the owner. He wanted to give me very important information and confirmed that I was writing it down. He said that we would have a general inspection May 17th at 11:30 am and that he was from OSHA. He gave me his phone number as this one listed, I was doing a reverse search on google while he was giving me the tracking number of 0106132411 and adv that Anthony Gonzales UPS Truck number 4477 would be delivering a package. By this time this information above had already come up and I asked him what state he was calling from and he said China, I said this is a scam and he said yes it is..... and I hung up.
  • Created by Anonymous from Murrells Inlet, South Carolina, United States, Reply Abusive Post?
    a guy called my work and said he was Richard Taylor Patel and he was calling about an osha inspection and he had spoke with my manager S****** (which is my managers name) and was told to call me because I was in charge while S***** was out of the office. He said I needed to write down everything he said because it was very important. He asked if I knew what osha was and how important it is. They had to reschedule the osha inspection to may 17 at 1130am and we needed to accept his packages of face masks, sanitation stations, detectors, 3 credit card readers, 33 inch monitors, sanitizers, 10 security cameras and sanitizer systems. He said they would be delivered by ups driver Anthony Gonzales truck# 4477tracking no 0106132411. To make sure nothing was damaged or not to accept it, he would be here in 2 hours to help me. he said he already paid for the shipment with Wells Fargo cks in the amounts of $2382 and $5118 and for me not to pay again. I said this is not a hotel he said I know this is ----------------- and we were part of the inspection. He gave me his number and said not to share it with anyone, and kept asking me for my personal cell number so we could free up the office line. He got a call on another line while I was talking and he said it was my manager S**** calling him back. he answered and came back to me and said S***** says hi and sorry for not giving you a heads up about Mr. Patel. He said can he call me on the cell and he was s****** boss and i needed to do what he says. I hung up on him, and he began calling the office cell phone and I kept declining it. he called the office back and my coworker answered and told him i was on another call he told her to put me on the f*****g phone right now, she said she is on another call he said put A********* on the f*****g phone right now or I will come and rape her. my coworker said do not speak about my coworker like that he said you shut the f*** up over and over and she hung up. he called from 0115244614 and gave me the number 734-331-8930 to call him back I am not sure what his end goal was.

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